Services by AZMET

Revolutionize your mineral processing operations with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge products and technologies. AZMET provides the tools necessary to maximize efficiency and profitability in the gold beneficiation process with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, our technologies minimize waste while maximizing resource recovery. Backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to continuous improvement, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and performance in the mineral processing industry.

AZMET has developed numerous intellectual property and patented products through innovative development. All our products are focused to:

  • 1 Decrease capital and maintenance cost.
  • 2 Reduce operational cost
  • 3 Increase Productivity
  • 4Increase Recovery

AZMET has a range of products supplied to the industry:

  • 1 AZMET Wire Samplers
  • 2 AZMET Desorption and Recovery Plants (AZ-DRP)
  • 3 Direct Elution Heating System
  • 4 Acid wash and Elution Columns
  • 5 Modular Reagent Plants

AZMET Technologies (AZTec) stands as a beacon of innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the gold industry. As a licensed marketer, we bring AZTec's revolutionary solutions directly to you, offering unparalleled access tools designed to optimize your operations. Join us in unlocking the full potential of your business with AZTec's groundbreaking solutions, setting new standards of excellence and performance in the industry.

AZTec’s Process Technologies are focused on:

  • 1 Creating value through innovation
  • 2 Increased Project NPV and IRR’s
  • 3 Increased Yield
  • 4Increased value for all Stakeholders

Empower your business with the latest advancements in technology by partnering with us as a licensed marketer of AZTec's cutting-edge technologies.

Commercial Solutions:

  • 1 AZ UpFlow Reactor (AZ-UFR)
  • 2 AZ Cyanide Reduction Process (AZ-CRP)

Our Consultant (AZTec), Barry Beylefeld. As a gold specialist, Barry has been in the industry for over 20 years’, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Barry Beylefeld

Consultant (AZTec)

As a solution-driven value-add product and technology partner, AZMET is constantly working on new ways to turn challenges faced in the gold processing industry into results. Our research and development work focuses on finding simpler and more effective methods for processing gold, closing the loop of the value chain. By improving how we process gold, we can protect the environment and ensure a more sustainable future for everyone involved. AZMET has its own R&D facility where all research idees are taken from conceptualisation to commercialisation.

  • 1AZ-CTP AZMET Carbon Transfer Pump
  • 2 AZ-CTM AZMET Carbon to Metal

AZMET is known for strong organizational ethos rooted in the same core values as our clients which is based on accountability, mutual respect, professionalism, and expertise. We are driven by ethical conduct, integrity, dedication and passion. Our services are focused in adding value to Mining Houses and Engineering Consulting Firms, to the benefit of all stake holders.

Most of our engineering and management service offerings would be encompassment of AZMET intellectual property products and process technologies:

  • 1Project Management
  • 2 Project Evaluations
  • 3Testwork Management and Reviews
  • 4Project Studies
  • 5Detailed Engineering Designs
  • 6Operational and Production Improvements
  • 7Project Implementation
  • 8Process Plant Optimizations and Expansions

This niche market, with focus on mineral processing often lends itself to innovative expansion and/or optimization projects. AZMET’s integration of 3D plant scans and highly qualified and experienced drawing office resources, ensures the seamless execution of any plant optimization, expansion and/or retrofit.