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5 - 7 June 2024
Grand Arena, Accra, Ghana


AZMET Technology & Projects took home the MEMSA award for Innovation in Mineral Processing for the second year running. This time for a Carbon to Metal Converter which recovers metal from coarse or fine activated carbon, wood chips and other processing wastes, reducing waste while increasing mine profitability.

AZMET has successfully commissioned their first DR Plant in Indonesia with a second plant under construction in the same country. This is testament of AZMET's constant drive to expand our global footprint as a value-added technology and products company in gold beneficiation.

AZMET Technology & Projects has developed a unique, patented process known as AZMET CYANIDE REDUCTION PROCESS (AZ-CRP), which uses well known activated carbon technology to extract free cyanide radicals, as well as metal cyanide complexes from gold tailings. OPEX and Environmental constraints related to Cyanide are two major issues facing the Gold Industry today. The AZ-CRP will decrease pressure on both constraints.

The AZ-CRP is especially well suited for the extraction of copper cyanide from both solution or pulp streams. The AZ-CRP can produce partial recycled cyanide at a fraction of the price of new cyanide. When the cost of cyanide destruction is included, which is mandatory by the ICMI, the cost reduction of buying and destroying cyanide in the tails stream, becomes extremely attractive in the current competitive gold market.

In addition, the AZ-CRP technology provides the benefit of secondary extraction of gold (Au) and other precious metals to ensure maximum yield within the client’s process operation.
The AZ-CRP include the following special features:

  • Additional recovery of gold (Au) and other precious metals in the leach tails.
  • Recovery of valuable base metal by-products in the eluate.
  • Reduction of cyanide in final tails for partial reuse in the leach circuit.
  • Cyanide tailings discharge will be within the limits as prescribed by the International Cyanide Code (ICMI).
  • Use proven gold processing technologies.
  • Use reagents currently used on gold processing facilities.
  • Leach tails do not require additional cyanide destruction after the AZ-CRP.
  • Elute cyanide and base metals under “ambient” conditions.

  • Where do you start?

    Implementation of the AZ-CRP, at an existing gold operation, will start with onsite cyanide reduction testwork to establish the optimal process conditions. The testwork will be followed by a high-level financial (CAPEX and OPEX) evaluation to indicate the financial impact of the AZ-CRP on the operation with the NPV, IRR and payback period as deliverables. Further pilot plant tests would normally be recommended after the lab scale tests to improve the confidence level and define the full-scale design criteria. The pilot plant will treat a 1 tph (solids) bleed stream from the as arising tails through the AZ-CRP containerized plant. After finalisation of the pilot testwork and feasibility study, the design and implementation of the full AZ-CRP plant will follow.

    Numerous site trials have been conducted over the last 18 months with exceptional results. AZMET will be running the first pilot plant in the coming months with the implementation of the full scale AZ-CRP to follow immediately thereafter. This process will then be repeated at the other mines were the onsite lab scale testwork have been completed.

    Download AZ-CRP technology brochure

    Azmet was nominated out of 5300 companies as a nominee for business of the year 2016. Azmet received 1st prize (gold) at the Business of the Year 2016 Award Ceremony, for the category “Engineering”

    Azmet pride itself in achieving this award which is testament of our aim to service excellence and providing world class Engineering and project management services.