Far West Gold Recoveries Cu Elution Project


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  • Location:
    Carletonville, South Africa
  • Classification:
    Design & Supply
  • Key Project Data:
    Cu Elution Circuit
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Far West Gold Recoveries Cu Elution Project

Cu Elution Design & Supply, Carletonville

FWGR retreat a number of old tailings storage facilities for extra gold recovery. FWGR experience high copper loading on loaded carbon harvested from its CIL circuit. Excess copper contaminate the final gold bullion. The Cu Elution circuit is sized to elute 4 off, 4.5 tonne loaded carbon batches per day. The Cu Elution-circuit removes excess copper from the loaded carbon prior to it being sent for gold recovery.


AZMET was appointed for the design and supply of the Cu Elution Circuit. The scope of work included the following:

    Loaded Carbon Transfer
    Cu Elution Vessel
    Elution Tank
    Elution Heaters
    Eluted Carbon Transfer
    Adsorption Vessel
    Cyanide Dosing
    Caustic Dosing
    Copper Sulphate Dosing